Bedroom / Chambre

Download Bicubic Bedroom set

9 objects mesh and recoloration in brown

2 dressers

table end

table lamp

ceilling lamp





2 bedding recoloration in beige and brown

2 paintings

2 rugs

download Sini Bedroom

9 objects in detail :

bed- darkwood, clearwood

dresser- darkwood, clearwood

endtable-darkwood, clearwood

coffeetable-darkwood, clearwood

loveseat- orange, blue

painting- orange, blue

rug- orange, blue

table lamp- orange, blue, pink, green, red

candles- orange, blue, pink, green, red

bedding- round/white, brown/white, orange, blue

download in one zip : 38 files .package

download systemo bedroom

8 objetcs :

bed, table end, table lamp, chair, desk, dresser, painting, rug.

2 recolorations : carbone and wood

included bed sheet in blue green and red

27 files .package

in one zip.(click on the first picture)

(you can find the palm tree into the Relaxsun set, in donation section, and the papyrus into the serenity set.)

siMHz... Flying donation


Download Dolly Bedroom

30 new files .package

in one zip

8 new objects :

doll, table lamp, bed, end table, desk, chair, wall lamp, chair, (sheet, painting, rug recolor)

3 colors :pink, lavanda, mint

siMHz... Majestic Donation

download Sweet Dream Kid,

6 objects

dresser, lamp, bed, table end, chair, desk

recolor : lamp, painting (sims 2 "transcendance" painting), rug (thanks to echo, you must download the rug mesh here), 6 beddings sheets, in blue, orange, pink, green, violet and multicolor.

siMHz...recolor : Chambre POP / POP Bedroom...thank to Mango sims2, you must download the meshes here /Merci à Mango-sims 2, vous devez télécharger les meshes ici

and for the rug it is here (thank you echo)/ et pour le tapis c'est ici...

siMHz...recolor : chambre sport / sport bedroom : Thank to Fey, You must download the "Perfect bedroom" meshes here
siMHz...recolor : Lit de verre / Glass bed : link to the bed mesh
siMHz...recolor : Lit et drap d'Amour / Love bed and blanket : link to the bed mesh
siMHz...recolor : Lit de plage / Beach bed...Merci à Kathy pour son lit, vous devez télécharger le mesh ici / Thank to Kathy, you must download the Floating bed mesh here